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Who are we?

Kraken Automation is a global, value resource for turnkey, innovative packaging and process automation solutions for a wide array of food and industry applications. In addition, Kraken provides a comprehensive range of engineering services under one roof:

  • Customer Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Design Engineering Services
  • Packaging Machinery Mfg
  • Integration
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Parts & Service
Specializing in Innovative, Fully Automated Product Feed & Delivery Systems (Material Handling)

  • Optimizing product flow/feed systems and timing between baggers, freezers, fillers, cooling tunnels and ovens to flow wrappers, cartoners, case packers, robotic pick and place as well as palletizing systems to name a few.
  • Product infeed, conveyance and transfer systems between baggers/pouchers and cartoners. (Bag-in-Box).
  • Product accumulation & refeed systems. Incorporating intelligent technology that will synchronize between upstream product feeds and downstream intended destination targets such as cartoners, wrappers and case packers for example. (For single or multi-component product insertion requirements)
  • Universal intelligent product feeder systems: (Remove all orphan products from your packaging equation by having accumulated product feed always available) NEW!
  • Product flow/trafficking, laning, diverting, conveyance, stacking, de-stacking, collation, sorting, counting, timing, gapping, metal detection, product settling, detection reject, check- weighing, orientation etc.
Kraken Packaging Machinery Equipment

Kraken General Packaging Machinery: Case Packing/Carton Handling Systems Conveying Systems
  • FlexMove flexible chain, table-top conveyors
  • End & center drive, belt conveyor systems with narrow nose pulleys for positive product transition between conveying system
  • Gravity roller
  • Eagle belt conveyors
  • Smart-belt, roller infeed conveying systems
  • Air tables
  • Elevator serpentine & accumulation conveyors & belt systems
Other Packaging Equipment Supported & Integrated

  • Cartoners: (Intermittent and continuous motion) (Adco, Jones, Klockner, Langen, Triangle, Rovema, Bradman Lake
  • Baggers: Bosch, Triangle, Hayssen, Tisma, Rovema
  • Pouchers: Klockner-Bartellt, Bosch, Laudenberg
  • Flow wrappers: Bosch Sigpack, Doboy, Tevopharm, Campbell
  • Robotics: ABB, Fanuc
Raw Ingredients Process System Solutions

  • Bulk material and batching handling systems/solutions incorporating: Cooking or extrusion systems, forming and cutting, product drying, liquid additive preparation, baking or forming (puffing), enrobing. Product analysis and sorting and final conditioning/ preparation
Systems Integration & Support Engineering Services

  • Turnkey Greenfield plant installations
  • Turnkey, total In-plant Packaging and Process Automation systems/solutions
  • New equipment line integration services & upgrades.
  • Plant relocates
Engineering services
  • Plant automation engineering consulting services. (Onsite or offsite)
  • CAD drawing services resource
  • Automation PLC programming
  • Control panel design and build services
Packaging Machinery & Line Upgrades/Asset Reutilization & Relocates

  • Kraken Automation has extensive experience in industry packaging machinery upgrades or relocates. We specialize in cartoners produced by many leading manufacturers, pouchers, baggers, flow-wrappers, scales and metal detectors as well as specific line upgrade requirements.
Key advantages of our services
  • Process optimization, reduced down-time, production efficiency, lowest cost per case and open information access.
Industries Served

  • (canned, pouches, bag, chubs, bottles, tubs, trays etc). (Food retail, warehousing, distribution & co-packing)
  • Bakery products- (bagels, bread, muffins, pie, crackers, cookies etc)
  • Cereal/Breakfast Meals
  • Poultry/Meat
  • Frozen Foods, Multi-meals, Snacks
  • Confectionery, Condiments, Sauces, ( Rice, Pasta, Seasoning, Mashed/Sliced Potato- Pouched/Bagged products)
  • Dairy, Tea/Coffee/Chocolate mix etc.
  • Breweries, Wine/Water Distillery, Dairy, Soda pop, Juices Industries

Personal & Household Consumable Products

Pharmaceutical Industry

Distribution/Warehousing Logistics Industry

Message from President
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Bill Grant, President of Kraken Automation gives his insights to some of the issues around plant-floor automation as it relates to packaging.
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Product Spotlight

High speed, top load case packing system

Your answer to high speed case packing in a small footprint, (up to 25 CPM / 300 PPM

Chub pack producers we have the throughput solution to your current case packing bottle-neck challenges!

This system will run any Chub product; meat/vegetables/sauces/dressings/ cookie-dough etc. Our system, is also custom designed to handle a variety of product formats and case sizes.

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High Speed Drop Load Case Packing in a Small Footprint (4’ X 12’) including infeed and Lane Diverter, 130 BPM / 20 CPM) Kraken KCP130-20

This high speed, small footprint, 2 axis Drop Load Case Packing system comes complete with product laning diverter & infeed collation/ accumulation as well as drop gate.

With an integrated case orientation and case management system allows for increased loading flexibility. Our system is ideal for handling bottles, jugs, tubs, cans, cartons, cartridges etc. Excellent competitive price-performance positioning within a new class of industry small footprint packaging.

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Semi-automatic high speed case packing system with product infeed, upender, and indexing system with single or dual manual pack station (160 PPM)

This system has multi-benefits associated with manual case packing requirements.

Products can be reoriented/upended to their edge, indexed in a variety of precision pack count configurations (6, 12, 16 18, 24 & 36).

Products can then be packed easily and accurately by operators into their ship cases.

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Kraken Accumulator Indexer, Transfer System, KAIT-120, (120 PPM)

The Kraken KAIT-120 is a cost effective product feed system that incorporates the use of unique motion control technology for handling random fed product from baggers, pouchers or wrappers.

This is achieved by intelligently feeding products such as bags/pouches via an intelligent, high-grip roller infeed and product buffering zone.

This intelligence utilizes product sensing coupled with a motion controlled roller infeed to mate and place products on target, into travelling cartoner infeed buckets for example.

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