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What products or services do you require?

Infeed and Transfers Systems
KAIT-120 High Speed Accumulator, Indexer Transfer System
Servo Transfer Module
Standard Infeed Transfer
  Heavy Duty Infeed & Transfer System
KSIT/MD-100 Standard Infeed Transfer/Metal Detection
KSITP-80 Standard Infeed Transfer with Pass Through
KSITPM-80 Standard Transfer Pass-Through Module
K2SIT-40/80 Two Stage Infeed and Transfer System
Servo-Belt Infeed & Transfer
KPART-300/50 Product Accumulator Refeed Transfer System
Product Accumulation Feeder Transfer System
KPFS/VS-100 Product Stacker and Feeder System
KRAS-200 Right Angle Sweeps
KLBO3 Lane Product Balancer System
Case Erectors
KCE720 Case Erector
KCE300 Case Erector, 2-Side Positive Opening
KCE350 Case Erector - High Speed
KTF300 Tray Former
Case Packers
KCP300-25 Case Packing System - High Speed Top Load
KCP130-20 Case Packing System - High Speed Drop Load
KCP160 Case Packing System - High Speed Semi Automatic
Case Closers/Sealers
KCS400TT Case Closer and Taper Sealer - Fully Automatic
Carton/Case Turners
Carton/Case Paddle Reject
Carton/Case Paddle Reject
Conveying Systems
Servo-Reject Conveying System/Metal Detec.
Case Conveying and Orientation System
FC Series FlexMove 103 mm Flex Chain Conveyor
FH Series FlexMove 35 mm Flex Chain Conveyor
FL Series FlexMove 150 mm Flex Chain Conveyor
FM Series FlexMove 83 mm Flex Chain Conveyor
FR Series FlexMove 150-300 mm Flex Chain Conveyor
FT Series FlexMove 35 mm Flex Chain Conveyor
FW Series FlexMove 125-1000 mm Flex Chain Conveyor
  Robotic Palletizing
If new machinery……
Are you replacing a current system?
Are you installing a new line?
If replacing…..
Please give a brief summary of current equipment on line.
If replacing…..
What other machinery is being investigated for new line?

Package Specs

Please list the packaging types utilized on this line relevant to the new KAI equipment.

VFFS Bags Foil Pouch Flow-wrap
Blister Pack Carton other

If other please provide a brief description:

Please list the maximum line rate in packages per minute:
How many different products run/are expected to run on the line?

Below, please provide package specifications for your largest and smallest products:
Weight kg lb
Length mm inches
Width mm inches
Depth mm inches
Weight kg lb
Length mm inches
Width mm inches
Depth mm inches

Please provide a brief description of the product (ie. Frozen waffles):

Is this a washdown environment      yes    no  

If yes what is used in the washdown solution:

Please list the other following conditions:
Plant Ambiant Temperature       
Humid Environment yes    no  
Dusty Environment yes    no  

Other conditions that may be of interest:

Electrical Controls
What electrical power is currently provided to machine?

Would an integrated or standalone unit be preferred?

Integrated    Standalone

Is there any corporate standard or preferred components?  yes   no

If yes, please list them:

If integrated…

Preferred PLC

Preferred O/I/HMI

Preferred Motion Control

If standalone…

Current Processor Type and free memory space

Current HMI and free memory space

Spare I/O available and type

Available I/O upgrade space

Communication Type (DeviceNet, Ethernet, etc)

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