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Kraken Automation thanks you for the opportunity of working with you on this recent project. Meeting our customers' needs is very important to us. We need to know where we have done our job well and where we need to apply greater efforts. If you could complete the following customer satsifaction survey at your convenience and click the submit button, we would be very appreciative of your valuable input.
Name (optional)
Location (plant)
P.O. #
  Poor Adequate Average Good Excellent
  1 2 3 4 5
Responsiveness to initial inquiry.
Telephone manner, customer friendliness.
Attentiveness, cooperation, responsiveness to questions.
Our understanding of your needs.
Benefits and advantages presented clearly (ROI).
Use of examples from previous applications or customer success scenarios.
Supporting technical documentation, manuals, CAD drawings, etc.
Project management, time-line projections, sequencing of or required tasks.
Quality of equipment supplied.
Quality of installation.
Quality of training.
How does Kraken compare to other similar suppliers previously used?
ROI Achieved?    yes    no
May we use you as a future business referenece?    yes    no

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